ICANN Suspends Digital Archery

25th June 2012

Today, ICANN announced the temporary suspension of the Digital Archery system. ARI Registry Services applauds this development, as it's a clear signal ICANN is listening, considering and acting upon constructive feedback from the community. We encourage ICANN to not only reassess the Digital Archery system, but also the need to proceed with batching at all.

Last week, ARI Registry Services published the timeline below to illustrate the benefits of evaluating all applications in a single batch. ARI Registry Services developed this alternate approach to level the playing field and provide a greater level of fairness for all applicants. We hope that the considerable thought we put into the impact of the current batching process versus our suggested single-batch process on the overall timeline serves as a constructive contribution to this week's discussions.

We welcome any feedback or engagement with the community on this proposal as it can no doubt be improved and refined with greater understanding of the many parameters.

Please click the image above to download a high resolution .pdf of the timeline.